In some production environments, combustion engines and electrical motors may not be the best automation solution for powering machinery. In these cases pneumatic and/or hydraulic systems may be required to apply force to mechanical parts. Running a gas-based pneumatic or liquid-based hydraulic system may have additional advantages, including lower operating costs and better force transmission.



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  1. The TFU series is a flat polyurethane tubing, which makes compact piping possible. TFU is available in three different tube models as standard and up to 3 tubes available for each model. Standard color is black.

  2. Series AMR is a combination regulator with mist separator. The series offers high filtration (0.3µm) and a space savings, easy piping design. Options include auto drain and pressure switch.

  3. Series AMD can separate and remove aerosol state oil mist in compressed air and remove carbon or dust of more than 0.01um. It should be used as prefilter for compressed air in precision instruments or for clean room requirements.

  4. Series TIUB polyurethane tubing represents a new high quality standard in polyurethane tubing. The TIUB series is available in inch sizes. There are a variety of standard colors available. A 100m roll is available for all color types.

  5. The Air Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator are integrated, thus simplifying piping connections and minimizing the installation space.

  6. Series AME separates and absorbs aerosol state fine oil particles in compressed air and changes the oil lubricating compressed air to oil-free equivalent air. It should be applied for filtration of compressed air requiring high cleanliness for...

  7. ZP series vacuum cups are available in 19 diameters from 2 to 200mm, 6-cup materials, and 4 cup designs, offers a wide selection to choose from. The 4-cup designs flat, flat with ribs, deep and bellows are standard, but if these don’t meet your...