From washing machines to automobiles the motor has been one of the top inventions of the human mind. Motors come in many sizes and complexities, depending on the intended application and power source.



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  1. STL Starting Torque Limiter

    Allows smooth starting of AC induction motors, 1 controlled phase

  2. SMC3 Soft Starter

    Allows smooth starting of AC induction motors, 2 controlled phases, Rated currents 3.5A, 15A and 25A, rated voltage up to 600V

  3. SMC33 Soft Starter

    Allows smooth starting of AC induction motors, 3 controlled phases

  4. ADXM…BP type - Soft Starters

    ADXM...BP is a compact type of soft starter, for motors up to 22kW at 400VAC.

  5. ADX type - Soft Starters

    ADX is a reduced voltage soft starter with torque control and maximum starting current limit. It is used for the progressive starting and stopping of asynchronous three-phase squirrel-cage motors.

  6. Remote keypad and accessories for ADX… types

    The flush-mount ADX TAST remote keypad is identical to the one on board the soft starter except for the start and stop controls of the motor, which are permanently disabled.

  7. Remote control software for ADX... types

    The remote control software consents to the PC supervision of all ADX soft starter functions, including: parameter set-up, real-time readout display, graphics of monitored parameter data during operation and starter events log display, each with...

  8. Motor power up to 2.2kW 1ph and 3.7kW 3ph, Keypad with LED display and potentiometer

  9. C2000 VFD-CP Series AC Drive

    Motor power up to 400kW 3ph, HVAC drive for variable torque loads

  10. MFR Brake Module

    DC injection brake for motors up to 55kw, Rated currents to 100A