From software development to system integration, anyone with experience will tell you in all but the most specific of circumstances a modular system has advantages. Users can add or remove components to such a system as methodologies and customer demands change, typically at a fraction of the cost of entirely replacing a system. This idea applies equally well in the automation world.



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  1. The new MOVIFIT® system combines the established advantages of SEW-EURODRIVE decentralized installation technology with modern, application-oriented drive and communication functions.

  2. MOVIGEAR®: The Mechatronic Drive System

    MOVIGEAR® is the next logical step in the development of the economic and technically successful concept of decentralized drive systems.

  3. Type CRT30 measures the time gap between two signals read by a sensor on a revolving or cycling mechanism. When the time gap becomes greater then the pre-set value, the device itself activates and signals a drop in velocity or full stop

  4. IMB – Interface Module Backplane

    The IMB system from TURCK is an easy to-install I/O solution for the cabinet. It offers a high packing density which cannot be achieved with DIN rail interfaces.

  5. IMC - Interface module cartridge

    Get more flexibility and move the intrinsic safety barrier from the cabinet to the field with the highly compact and rugged IMC series!

  6. Accessories – IM/IMS, IMB and IMC series

    We offer the matching accessories for quick mounting, easy parametrization and safe protection of interface modules.

  7. IM/IMS – Modular Housings

    The interface modules of the IM and IMS series are incorporated in a compact housing which is simply snapped on a DIN rail EN 60715. They can be mounted close together, horizontally or vertically.