We always seem to have a need for measuring things. Whether it's scientific research, personal development or simply knowing how much gas is in our vehicle, how and what we measure is always important to us. This fact is no different in the worlds of manufacturing, logistics and any other industry requiring controlled automation.



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  1. The Dynapar S428A available from Veederline is a new digital panel indicator providing a high contrast, high visibility display, designed for optimal ease of use in a wide variety of process measurement applications.

  2. The HT100 Hand-Held Rate and Time Indicator's display provides a highly visible reading, even in dim light or at indirect viewing angles. Application / function:

  3. turboSPEED DZ140 supplied from Bestech Australia is optimised for thin turbine blades made from aluminium or titanium. The system is thermally stable and very well protected from external interference.

  4. This new infrared thermal imaging camera from NEC “InfRec R300” is a brand-new, multipurpose, high-definition & high- performance model for Research and Development, predictive & preventive maintenance, quality control and other research and...

  5. Digital force gauge is used for easy precise measurement of electrode force. Characteristics:     Compact, light weight;    2 way power supply (rechargeable battery & AC100-240V);    Allows holding the peak value;    Pressing «ZERO» button...

  6. New infrared thermal imaging camera NEC G30 is ideal for predictive/preventive maintenance and building assessments. With 7 hours battery life and sophisticated features typically found only in high-end cameras it is ready for almost any job.

  7. Force monitors are created specifically for automation needs. They provide easy automation in combination with system heads, uncomplicated quality control with enhanced communications and simple assembly of force sensor.

  8. ASM

    ASM develop and manufacture mechatronic position sensors for use in industrial applications. Due to their wealth of experience developed over several decades

  9. Customising a weather station to suit your needs is ideal for users who require specific sensors/measurements or want the option to expand the stations capabilities in years to come.

  10. An Eddy Covariance Station (commonly also referred to as an EC System) is a highly accurate, reseach grade system that measures water vapour, CO2 or heat fluxes using the eddy covariance technique.