When it comes to an automated system, it's easy to think of the electronics, robotics and sensors which play a vital role in most systems.



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  1. SE-A is used for the level control in containers holding product in powder or granule form. The body is of cast aluminium with a cable gland at the output and a stainless steel shaft mounted on sealed roller bearings.

  2. Veederline Pty. Ltd. - ESF is an air flow transducer with a broad application area. It can be used for control, surveillance,and regulation of the flow rate in fresh-air and ventilation systems, etc. FEATURES of Air Flow Transducer Model: ESF-35-2:

  3. The AECO - ALSC - SC18M-HT/SC30M-HT high temperature sensors should be considered as part of the traditional range of sensors with the difference that electronic portion is completely separate from the sensing part

  4. V48 series Temperature Controller is available from Line Seiki.

  5. Automated Control Engineering Group (A.C.E.) is the national distributor of the Rittmeyer range of water and energy managment products.

  6. For over 40 years, weber Sensors has been a quality manufacturer of measuring and sensing instruments for industrial clients worldwide.

  7. Temperature Control West™ - a renowned European leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art, value packed single loop and multi-loop temperature controllers servicing industry and machine builders in process automation applications

  8. Automated Control Engineering Group (A.C.E.) is the regional (Northern NSW) distributor for the Pulsar range of level and flow management products.

  9. STS

    STS is a Swiss based innovative manufacturer that has been developing solutions for customer-specific applications since 1987.

  10. This flow control can used to release pressure that may be trapped downstream. Available with one-touch fittings and standard threaded style these flow controls are clearly identified by the eye catching red adjusting knob and integral release...