All throughout automation and process control are a multitude of locations for data to be acquired, not only about how efficiently the system is running but also concerning the information acquired via sensors, timers and counters.



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  1. ALMEMO® 710 Data Logger

    ALMEMO® V7 connector/plug allows to process up to 10 channels for measured values and function settings including multi-value sensors (e.g. Meteo sensors) and to connect external devices such as complex chemical analysers and energy analysers.

  2. Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System

    Bestech Australia is introducing a brand new Data Acquisition System from Validyne, the VPAS (Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System). It has up to 8 low pressure channels (measurement points) with continuous pressure reading recording and USB...

  3. Bestech Australia introduces the ALMEMO 500 by Ahlborn with simultaneous multi-user access via Wi-Fi and tablet control. Users will be able to configure the device via an 8-inch tablet with a preinstalled app.

  4. NEC RA2800 is a data acquisition logger that enables you to acquire/record data with simple operation. Reduced condition setting time and easy measurement can be realized by virtual amplifier setup, a touch-panel and dynamic waveform display on a ...

  5. Advanced, new concept in measuring instruments — now you can simultaneously measure and record non-contact infrared temperature data with analogue phenomena including stress, strain and vibration.

  6. Designed specifically for measurement needs from FA to fields DC6100 data logger remote scanner has various configurations with multiple channels and fast recording (max 10ms sampling when using 30 channels in Lab measurements and 100ms sampling...

  7. Conductix-Wampfler is an organisation whose core competence lies in the development and production of reliable solutions for applications relating to mobile power and data transmission.

  8. Campbell Scientific - The powerful CR1000 data logger is our most popular model, due to its high flexibility and reliability in the field. The logger is ideal for long-term, remote deployment.

  9. The CR200 data logger model is our smallest logger specifically designed for basic applications on a budget. Its input channel configuration and small size is optimal for projects requiring only one or two sensor measurements

  10. The CR3000 high performance data logger is a self-contained rugged data acquisition system designed for applications where high speed and accuracy are required.