Iemca VIP 80 Bar Feeder

VIP 80 E-II, the short bar loader from IEMCA, meets the requirements
for a compact, highly reliable and versatile bar loader, at a
competitive price.

The most important features of this innovative short bar loader may be summed up as follows:


Entering the bar diameter into the hand-held operator panel, both
magazine and guide channel automatically align the centre of the bar
with the centre of the spindle. Even bar selection is automatic.

The screw-type feed system allows accurate and silent positioning.
A brushless motor allows feed speed and push to be adjusted to exactly
the right values for each phase in the cycle.

Bar drop control devices optimise the functioning of the bar loader by
depositing the bar in the guide channel accurately and without impact.

The magazine has a useful capacity of 650 mm and requires no additional
adjustment thanks to an automatic selection system. The sliding of the
loader (an optional system) permits easy access for lathe maintenance.

A practical and easily accessible magazine houses three bar pushers and
makes changeover quicker and even easier than ever.

The bar feeder is also equipped with a magazine, adjustable lenghtwise,
allowing the storage of 5 spindle reducers (optional).