Boscotek HiLo Bench

Work Benches, Platforms and Stands

Boscotek’s reputation for quality and innovation is exemplified in the release of the HiLoBench.

Just as the name suggests, the HiLoBench is a variable height heavyduty workbench. The HiLoBench is just as suitable as a standing or sitdown desk, and variable to any height in between.

The secret of the HiLoBench is the reliable lifting column which conceals a sophisticated motor system. The motor drive allows for quick, easy, smooth and quiet adjustment of the bench height.

The HiLoBench ships in three ‘off the shelf’ models with capacities ranging from 120kg to a hefty 500kg. But the beauty of Boscotek being designed and manufactured in Australia is you can easily customise your HiLoBench and work with Boscotek on a variety of options, including the worktop surface, tool hanging/storage, electrical outlets, monitor arms for computer screens and more.

The HiLoBench
“The choice of sitting, standing or adjusting the bench height to somewhere in between, is ideal. It
allows the task and the worker to determine the best height for the job and for their health.”
Suzanne Smythe,
Occupational Physiotherapist
Work Wellness Australia