Vacuum Stands: VacuStand Ergonomic Variable Work Stands

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd

These valuable vacuum operated work assist devices quickly, easily & safely hold wood, plastic, glass, metal or stone work pieces, boxes fittings etc.

They allow access to all areas during assembly, mounting, grinding & welding. They are compact, light aluminium construction, with both single or double suction foot design & a swivel and rotating head.

Double-foot design can swivel in both directions, + or - 900 (1800 total) & the single foot allows 900 swivel & a full 3600 degree rotation. The height adjustment (770-1025mm) is via gas spring assist.

To guarantee a high level of safety all devices are equipped with sufficiently adequate vacuum generators, integrated safety tanks, vacuum gauge in a visual range and nonreturn valves, which guarantee that the load does not instantly drop off in case of a power failure.

There is easy and safe release of the product by foot pedal. Universal connections allow the use of various suction plates.