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Sat Aug 17 2019

SlimScan BT Bluetooth Laser Scanner

By ASP Microcomputers

Meet the latest high performance Bluetooth scanner in the ASP family – the SlimScan BT™. This sleek and stylish Bluetooth 'single-line' laser scanner offers total freedom of movement. Suitable for a wide range of applications and environments, you will be delighted by its performance and ease of use.

No need for any other Bluetooth devices (such as dongles) to get going, as the cradle connects to the PC and the scanner communicates to the cradle wirelessly. The SlimScan BT™ has a scan range back to the host cradle of up to 100 metres via Bluetooth wireless transmission. It also has a 32k embedded flash memory. Should you be out of range, it will retain the data until you come into range again for transmission.

Lightweight, yet durable and streamlined, the ASP SlimScan BT™ delivers hassle-free operation, even during peak use. Its scanning sensitivity and accuracy really helps with worn or difficult to read barcodes. The SlimScan BT™ is available black (or beige on special order), and also as a corded (non Bluetooth) model.

The SlimScan BT™ comes with a three year factory warranty (batteries and cables excluded).  (more…)