Tubular PVC Matting No. 116 Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mat

By The General Mat Company

This matting is Australian manufactured from PVC tubes and provides excellent comfort and support underfoot. 

Tubular PVC Matting makes many workplace situations safer and more comfortable, and can increase productivity by reducing the effects of fatigue.

Ideal for use in packaging areas, most commercial applications and light duty industrial applications where anti-fatigue properties are important.

Constructed in grid formation, Tubular PVC Matting is lightweight, easy to roll up and clean and can simply be cut to any size or shape required.

  • Provides relief from standing on cold hard floors.
  • Impervious to most liquids, including acid, oil and alcohol.
  • Energy absorbent properties help prevent equipment damage and breakages.
  • Contours to the shape of the floor.
  • Self draining design allows liquid to flow through and drain away.
  • Can be installed in just a few minutes without the use of special fixing tools even on uneven surfaces.
  • Tubular PVC Matting is mildew, chemical and flame resistant.

Uses: Wet or dry areas
Compound: PVC
Temperature Effect: Flexible from minus 10C to 100C (14F to 212F)
Flammability:This material does not support combustion, being self extinguishing on removal of flame. Gases evolved on flame application are predominantly HCI and CO
Warranty: 1 year, conditional
Colours: Black or Blue and an additional range of attractive colours