24/Seven™ Holes CFR No. 572CFR Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mat

By The General Mat Company

  • This mat will keep employees comfortable 24/7.
  • An exceptional value, this drainage mat is a convenient 900mm x 900mm workstation size.
  • Its hidden interlocking system connects on all four sides creating large mats without additional connectors.
  • 16mm thick, its substantial in design and very comfortable.
  • Its unique, new CFR rubber compound is resistant to mineral oil based cutting fluid and other industrial fluids.
  • Black and yellow safety borders are available.
Customised Mats

If you have special contours or a large size, let us make it for you. Customised sizes of 24/Seven mats are available in 300mm increments and are only limited by weight and shipping requirements.

Mat Specifications

Uses: Wet, dry and greasy areas
Compounds: Grease Proof CFR rubber
Durometer: 60 per ASTM D2240
Coefficient of Friction: 1.10 Dry 1.10 Wet per ASTM F1677
Tabor Abrasion: <1 % lost @ 1,000 cycles per Fed Std. 193
Flammability: "A" Rating per MVSS 302
Edging: Optional 75mm wide safety bevelled
Thickness: 16mm
Warranty: 3 year, conditional
Colour: Mat - Black, Edging: Black or Yellow