Magnetic Lead Clip


Adept Direct Magnetic Clip for Welding Leads and Power Cables.

The Adept Direct Welding Cable Clip is a comparatively cheap, light magnetic bracket for holding up power leads and welding cables. These innovative cable clips are a snack to use as they are magnetic and can “lock-on” to any steel surface including: steel columns and purlins in factories, and sheds, galvanised framing – even the steel sides of a welder to secure the welding leads in the correct position so they do not drag on the welding torch. The HDPE cable clip is non-conductive and is simply opened to allow 2 or 3 power leads or welding cables to be secured. The plastic then springs back to ensure the cables do not flick out.

Magnetic Lead Hangers and Clips are so effective in securing leads and cables in workshops and on building sites, because they are so simple to clip into position and use! Change the area where you’re using power tools or welders and the magnetic hangers can be pulled off and moved. Magnetic Lead Clips don’t need any tools and will “stick-on” any steel surface.

Features of Adept Direct Magnet Welding Lead Clip include:
• Safely holds earth and welding cables
• Corrosion resistant zinc plated magnet
• Lead Clip is bright red or yellow, UV stabilized plastic
• Strong magnet supports up to 5 kg vertically.
• Lead Clip dimensions: 30mm wide x 120mm high x 40mm deep.
• Weight: 75 grams
Magnetic Lead Clips are available individually or in an economical 10 pack.