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Tue Jan 22 2019

Turboset 200 Package Professional & Portable Mini Gas Set Package OTS200 (K075)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Order Code: K075
Turboset 200 Package - Professional & Portable Mini Gas Set Package 
OxyTurbo Set 200 used for various professional welding applications such as, plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
This set is also widely used in DIY home workshops or on-site applications.
They are safe and easy to transport, compact and lightweight (27 cm high and about 6kg weight).
  • Uses disposable cylinders, no rental cost required
  • Flame temperature over 3000ºC
  • Light weight design metal carry stand
  • Torch Handpiece patented design with gas adjustment valves
  • Flashback arrestors built into regulators
  • Flashback arrestors built into Torch Handpiece
  • Oxygen regulators includes contents gauge
  • Fuel gas regulator includes pressure gauge
  • 2 metre twin hose set
  • Made in Italy
  • MAP-PRO gas cylinder
  • Oxygen cylinder
  • 2 x Regulators
  • 2 Metre Twin Hose Set with Torch Handpiece
  • Metal Carry Stand
  • 4 x Additional Brazing Tips
  • Filler Metal
  • Goggles
  • 2 x Combination Spanners
  • Flint Lighter
  • 3 x Oxygen Regulator O-Rings
Model: Turboset 200 Package
Part Number: OTS200
Type: Gas Set
Includes: MAP-PRO GAS & Oxygen 
Includes: Cylinders