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Wed Apr 24 2019

Wirefeeder: Suitcase X-Treme 12VS

By Welding Industries Of Australia

The 12VS takes on the toughest MIG and Flux Cored Welding jobs, whether onsite or in the workshop. Designed to handle the beating that feeders take onsite from dirt, sand, dust, moisture and corrosion, and survuive being thrown in the back of a truck to head to the next job.

Applications: Designed for field and construction work for voltage sensing welding applications with most CV and CC DC type power sources.

See how the 12VS Feeder can GO ANYWHERE ... DO ANYTHING ...

Durable, Lightweight & Portable.

Engine Drive Compatible.
Ideal for use with engine drive machines.

Handles a variety of wire sizes.
The wirefeeder handles a variety of wire sizes and types with the high end speed for small diameters, and the low end speed and power for larger diameter, down-hand and all-position gas and self shielding flux cored wires.

The X-Treme Suitcase 12VS requires a feed roll and guide kit to be ordered to suit the wire type and size to be used.