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Thu May 23 2019

MIG & Multi-Process Machine: Dimension Series

By Welding Industries Of Australia

Miller's Dimension Series of three-phase, CC/CV DC power sources provide outstanding versatility, plus the endurance to handle demanding industrial applications.

Applications: An excellent choice for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated operations.

DC Multiprocess capability, versatility and outstanding arc performance in CV (MIG) and CC (Stick, TIG).

Built-in arc control for Stick welding allows operators more flexibility when welding in tight areas where sticking electrodes is a problem.

Line voltage compensation keeps welding parameters constant even when input voltages change ±10%. Eliminates need to change welding parameters throughout the day.

Unique Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system operates only when needed. Reduces contaminants drawn into the machine and excess noise in work areas.

Power efficient for exceptional value and return on your investment.

Digital meters for presetting or monitoring welding voltage or amperage for more precise control.

Remote control capability allows operators fine tuning capability at an extended distance.

Hot Start™
Used on some Stick (SMAW) machines to make it easier to start difficult-to-start electrodes. Used for arc starting only.