Engine Driven Machine: Big Blue 600X

By Welding Industries Of Australia

Applications: Heavy industrial welder/generator for serious construction, structural steel, pipe work, mining and plant maintenance.

Full Multi-Process Machine
For STICK, MIG, Flux Cored, Submerged Arc, DC TIG, Stud Welding.

Perkins Turbocharged

Four cylinder diesel engine provides 10,000 hours before first basic overhaul and more horsepower for better performance.

Engine gauges are standard.
Oil pressue and coolant temperature gauges provide visual engine vitals.

Arc-Drive makes the welding easy.
Automatically enhances Stick welding, especially on pipe, by focusing the arc and preventing the electrode from going out.

Automatic engine shutdown.
Protects engine if low oil pressure or high coolant temperature occurs.

Independent Generator Power
4000 watts continuous output for lighting and power tools, even while welding at 500 amps. Generator power independent of weld settings which means no interaction between tools and the welding arc.

Quiet Performer
Only 77dB at full load.

The Vault
The ultimate in circuit board protection and reliability 99.7%.