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Mon May 20 2019

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet: Elite Joker

By Welding Industries Of Australia

Applications: The ultimate helmet for the most demanding applications.

ALL NEW! Digital lens technology
latest digital lens technology from Miller delivers the ultimate
control to adjust shade, sensitivity and delay settings with absolute
precision for any welding job. Plus, four modes of operation deliver the
flexibility to weld, cut and grind, all with one helmet:

Welding Mode
Suitable for most welding applications, the lens starts working when it senses a welding arc.  Shades 9-13.

Cutting Mode
mode to use for Plasma, laser, gas welding and cutting applications,
the lens starts working when it senses a cutting arc.  Shades 5-9.

Grind Mode
Used for metal grinding applications.  The Shade is fixed Shade #3.  No lens adjustments are required.

ALL NEW X-mode
for outdoor or low current welding, the lens starts working when it
senses weld current.  X-mode uses electromagnetic arc sensing technology
to eliminate sunlight interference and obstructed sensors. Shades 9-13.

30% larger viewing area than our standard lens for maximum viewing capacity.

Lens technology responds to extremely low-amperage TIG arcs(5 amps and below) including DC inverter TIG.

Comfortable fully adjustable ratchet style headgear with odour absorbing headband and comfort cushion.

Four independent arc sensors provide continuous arc-sensing capability for your most demanding applications - highly recommended for low amperage TIG!

Lens darkening reaction time is 1/20,000 sec.

17% lighter than most competitive models.

Medium impact rating.

Extra cover lenses, helmet bag and comfort cushion included.

Features magnifying lens holder.

Standards ANSI Z8 1/DIN/TUV/CE.