By National Weighing & Instruments


 National Weighing & Instruments are weighing equipment specialists,
 committed to excellence in everything we do.
 As part of our service we provide a full range of Test Masses to suit
 all our clients needs, click on our link below for a more information.

 Stainless Steel
 E2, F1 Tolerance masses, can be supplied in a aluminium case for protection
 and transport- NATA certification and Verification available on request.

 Brass Masses for the simple checking of the scale sand not so accurate balances,
 less expensive than stainless steel and better accuracy than cast Iron.
 Can be NATA certified or Australian Government Verified.

 Cast Iron
 M1 Tolerance Black cast masses- Hexagonal shape for smaller masses and carry
 handle masses for larger 5 to 20 kg models , can be supplied with a NATA certificate
 or Australian Government Verified.

 Custom Made
 Larger capacity masses made to order and shape, fabricated from tool steel or
 stainless steel, save unnecessary lifting with one large mass, can be supplied
 with Forklift tyne pick up, comes adjusted and calibrated to either NATA or
 Australian Government Verification Standards.