HEC Touch Screen Industrial Computer (HEC)

By Cedar Creek Company

Creek Company’s Harsh Environment Computers have been developed to
withstand the knocks; dust and high pressure wash downs that are
commonplace in food processing and industrial environments. They allow
for data to be inputted on the floor, rather than waiting to return to
the office. In turn it also allows for those on the factory floor to
see real-time changes to production requirements.  It can be used in
conjunction with printers, barcode readers, RFID readers and other
devices to improve manufacturing efficiency or satisfy compliance. Its
features include:

• Rugged stainless steel enclosure; IP66 rated
• 40 GB-HDD, 512MB RAM
• Pentium M or Celeron M processor  
• 1 x RS232/485, 3 x RS232, 1 x USB, 1 x LAN
• Custom I/O options  
• Ease of use by process operators with touch screen input  
• 100% standard PC compatible
• Deploys critical software solutions right to the factory floor  
• Accesses ERP/SCADA system functionality from factory floor  
• Seamless connectivity with central servers and enterprise databases