Label Print & Auto-Apply Labelling Systems

By Cedar Creek Company

Label Print & Auto-Apply Labelling Systems


Creek Company’s Auto-Apply System applicators use a vacuum wheel on the
end of a jointed arm to take the labels from the printer before
“rolling” them gently onto the items to be labelled. This unique method
enables precise label positioning to one or adjacent sides of an item.
It is superior to tamp or tamp/blow systems used in other applicators,
giving greater flexibility of use.

The Company’s systems are
designed for critical production environments which demand that the
hardware designed and produced is extremely robust and reliable.



Cedar Creek’s range of Label Applicators:

Stand Alone

• Can be configured for either:
a. Front apply, side apply or front and side apply
b. Side apply or side and rear apply
• Incorporates an industrial PC and uses a PLC for control
• Product database can be stand alone or via network connection
• Touch screen interface for product set up and control
• Multiple label formats selectable
• Pallet Applicator version with/without automatic height adjustment available

Pallet Applicator

• Unique product designed to apply labels to vertical, sloped or tented shrink-wrapped pallets
• Applies to stationary pallets 300mm to 1200mm away
• Replicates pallet label and reapplies after shrink-wrapping
• Incorporates an industrial PC with Touch Screen and a PLC for control

Flat Pack Applicator

• Applies 1 or 2 labels to Flat-Pack pre-printed generic cartons
• Reduces carton stockholding and storage space
• Produces exact amount of cartons required for order multiple label formats possible
• Incorporates an industrial PC and uses a PLC for control

Overhead Applicator

• Unrivalled flexibility, speed and accuracy
• Height adjustable to suit customer’s entire product range
• The labels from the printer are transferred onto the vacuum wheel before being gently “wiped” onto the product
• Designed to fit onto an existing conveyor or can be supplied complete with integrated conveyor

Differentiating Features
• Up to 2 labels applied on adjacent sides in one single movement
• GS1 compliant Barcode labels to suit customers’ needs

A vacuum wheel on the end of a jointed arm takes the labels from the
printer before “rolling” them gently onto the carton or pallet
• On Board Industrial PC allows seamless network interface or complete functionality for stand alone operation
• Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
• Manufactured by Cedar Creek Company in Brisbane, Australia

Other Details


• Increased accuracy and reliability
• Ability to produce variable text and barcode printing
• Traceability & Regulatory GS1 Labelling Compliance
• Integrated into existing systems or stand-alone
• Labour Saving Tool
• Compact size, clean integrated design, low maintenance and easy to use
• Customised Label Print & Apply designs for almost every application
• Can be RFID enabled

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