Clearwater Controls | Deragger II Electronic Pump Management System/Pump Controller


The multi-award-winning Deragger II from Clearwater Controls is the ideal solution for pump blockages and high energy costs – two of the biggest problems faced by the wastewater industry today.


Sewerage Pump | Clearwater Controls DeRagger II Benefits 
Eliminates rags/clogs in wastewater pumps
Wealth of diagnostic information and pump data
Typical payback in months
Reduces operational callout costs
Improves electrical efficiency by up to 48%
Reduces pollution incidents
Minimal interruption to ‘live’ sites
No new kiosks, replacement panels or construction works
Simple plug and play to any starter type

The key feature of the Deragger II low-voltage, electronic pump management system is real-time pump monitoring.

This enables the patented technology in the Deragger II to identify and eliminate potential pump blockages, monitor the long-term condition of the pumps and reduce wear and tear caused by unbalanced loads.

By maintaining a clean impeller at all times, the Deragger II ends the time-consuming and costly necessity of manually lifting pumps, thus eliminating downtime and other costs associated with pump blockages.

The reduction of environmental incidents, together with less electricity consumption, results in a lowered environmental impact and carbon footprint.


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