Waste & Wastewater: Biofilm Treatment

By The Environmental Group Limited

EGL has successfully applied MBBR technology for the treatment of both industrial and municipal effluents for BOD and Nitrogen removal. MBBR technology has proven to be reliable and robust while maintaining a compact design. The EGL team has been responsible for the design and construction of all the commercially operated MBBR plants in Australia and New Zealand.

How it Works

The biofilm process is a continuously operating, fully biological effluent treatment procedure. The process is based on suspended bio-film technology developed jointly by Anox AB and Kaldnes Miljøteknologi of Sweden, using a mobile carrier made of synthetic material as a base for sessile (clinging to the surface) micro-organisms to colonise. The carriers and mixing patterns within the reactor have been designed for optimum performance by maintaining good mass transfer of nutrients/pollutants and oxygen as well as maintaining a relative even biofilm thichness. There is a range of carrier media available depending upon the particular application with specific gravities ranging from 0.9 to 1.3.