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Thu Jan 17 2019

Waste & Wastewater

By The Environmental Group Limited

The EGL Water team has been involved in numerous projects treating water for potable consumption, water conditioning for process applications, treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater and the treatment of sewage effluent for Re-use applications.

We have proven expertise in a wide range of technologies including Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR), Biofilm processes (MBBR), DAF(F), Filtration, MF and RO membrane treatment. EGL offers itself as a process partner dedicated to selecting the best economic solution for each individual application.  

Fundamental to our success in the water industry is our expertise in the Operation and Maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants, with facilities under our control in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Our experience is diverse, delivering water and wastewater treatment solutions to many Municipal clients as well as a wide variety of industries including Pulp and Paper, Dairy, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Steel and Mining. We have also delivered some of Australia’s most advanced Effluent Re-use schemes.

Our delivery offerings also reflect the flexibility of our organisation from assessment of specific applications right through to operating the final solution.