MASTERSHRED MS400 High Volume Media Disintegrator

By Renz Masterbind

  • Handles PAPER as well as other media such as CDs, ID Cards, Video Tapes, Audio Tapes, Computer Tapes, Floppy Discs, Microfiche, Cardboard, X-Rays, Plastics, Other Classified Media.
  • Destroys all material down to 3mm particle size using unique high speed rotating blades and 3mm particle screen to guarantee secure particle size.
  • Air blower for extraction of processed product and an air filter system that removes dust and particles from the air for safe operation.
  • Waste particles compact down giving higher volume per bag and emptying less frequently.
  • Evaluated by the US National Security Agency (NSA), it meets NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 High Security Disintegrators and NSA/CSS 04-02 Optical Media Destruction Devices.
  • Already in use by US Defence and Government authorities (GSA Approved).
  • Optional larger screens also available for use with other materials or lower security applications. Optional dual bag collection system. Storage tank made from 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Long life cutting head that can be re-sharpened.
  • Integrated sound reduction panels.
  • Interlock safety switches on access door.
  • Full maintenance service contract available (recommended).
  • Australian Desig