Spill Mate Spill Recovery Kit

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Spill Mate Spill Recovery Kit

Powerful & Environmentally Friendly

  • Save money on absorbents
  • Save time recovering spills
  • Save thousands of dollars by using the Spill Mate spill recovery system

The recovery of hazardous waste with absorbent materials is a real problem as the absorbent material not only have to be disposed of, they also create an ongoing cost. They need to be disposed of by incineration or burial that is very environmentally unfriendly and greatly adds to the woes of our planet.

Spill Mate is the perfect solution for cleaning up industrial spills in a safe way. A compressed air powered Spill Mate operates effectively at 7bar.

Simply connect to the 3/4" outlet of a standard 205 or 60Litre drum & then fit the camlock hose fittings to the 2 inch outlet, attach an airline to the on/off ball valve and you are "up and away". Spill Mate will fill a drum at a rate of 1.67litres/second and when the drum is full the safety float valve will shut down the vacuum, so that the drum will not overflow.

As Spill Mate is pneumatically operated, there is no fear of electrocution whilst working in a wet environment.

Spill Mate is the superior choice for an effecient, powerful and environmentally friendly spill recovery system.

The kit consists of a Spill Mate, an on/off ball valve, camlock drum connection fittings, 2 metres of 38mm hose, 2 piece 38mm wand set and a 420mm vacuum squeegee spill recovery head.