Wastech - Customized compactors

By Wastech Engineering

Wastech - Customized compactors for your industry requirements

Wastech Engineering design, manufacture and service compactors for the Australian and International market.

From open top skips in small regional areas to high throughput compactors and Waste Balers for busy metropolitan facilities, Wastech have a transfer station solution for all of our client’s specific requirements.

Get the right recycling compactor for your industry with Wastech:

Stationary and Transportable recycling and cardboard compactors can be designed to suit your specific site requirements and handling/loading methods. Our experienced consultants are experts in the recycling compactor industry and work closely with clients to obtain the very best solution for large or small sites, loading and handling methods and budget requirements.

Environmental and economic benefits of recycling and cardboard compactors:

Recycling and cardboard compactors both create space and allow you to make considerable savings while contributing to a more sustainable environment. Find out more about how a waste or cardboard compactor can reduce the cost of waste transport and how recycling off-site and can significantly reduce your business costs and increase efficiency by contacting us today.