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Vacuum Tube Lifters: Vaculex & Microlex

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Vacuum Tube Lifters: Vaculex & Microlex

Some jobs become easier if you break the law - THE LAW OF GRAVITY THAT IS...

Our extremely user friendly Vaculex and it’s baby brother Microlex vacuum tube lifters make virtually any object up to 200kg feel almost weightless.

You lift, move and lower the object in a single fluid action which follows the movements of your own body using only your finger for control.

This means that your work is easier, more efficient and more enjoyable, and the risk of repetitive strain injuries is decreased.

You also work more safely, since the Vaculex vacuum tube lifter will not lift objects it cannot handle securely.

We ensure that you get the correct tube lifter for the job, with the correct accessories, and that it is properly installed. And we help you to use it correctly.