Vacuum Lifting

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Gentle lifting guaranteed with GIS vacuum equipment

Vacuum lifting and handling has numerous advantages wherever there is demand for careful, quick and efficient handling of goods.

The GIS range of vacuum equipment provides an efficient and cost-effective practical solution perfectly adapted to countless applications. High quality standards guarantee durability of all components and ensure the equipment is a very sound investment.

The vacuum equipment range is designed to integrate with the GIS monorail and light workstation and Jib crane solutions.

GIS offers three vacuum lifting models (capacity up to 500 kg) which provide the widest possible range of applications:

Vacujet RG 400 - considerable force for air-permeable goods

This model provides high suction capacity for loads with a rough or slightly air-permeable surface for example: wooden boards, planks, furniture, cartons, boxes, crates etc.

Features include:

  • Tilting feature - simple tilting of loads by the electromechanical drive up to 90 degrees
  • Turning device 180 degrees - for boards/plates which require machining front and back at the same work station
  • Self-winding cable reels for all power leads
  • Optional multi-chamber system has a number of suction surfaces arranged longitudinally and transversally. As an example, they enable the simple lifting of different sizes of board layers. Return valves close the air current of the non-activated suction surfaces.

Vacujet RVP 125 - Firm grip on airtight materials

Lifts up to 500 kg

Easily lifts and moves crack-free planks, plates of sheet metal, aluminium, steel and chrome steel; glass, drums and many other materials. It is widely used in the metal and wood processing industries.

Vacuhandling: New drive and energy with vacuum

Small loads of up to approximately 100 kg can be moved quickly, safely and effortlessly with Vacuhandling. Employee output is substantially increased.

Vacuhandling is ideal for smooth handling of bags, cartons, boxes, drums, buckets, crates, appliances and many other goods.