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Vacuum Gripper Systems

By Millsom Hoists

Millsom Materials Handling - For the handling of different workpieces with a single gripper system and for lifting complete layers of objects, Schmalz has developed a comprehensive range of complete systems.
We dimension these systems to meet your requirements and deliver them pre-assembled, ready for connection.

This means that you have no planning work and the systems can be installed quickly and easily.

General Information (pdf) (107 Kb)

Robot Gripper Systems

Large-area vacuum gripper system FX/FXC(259 Kb) (pdf)

Large-area vacuum gripper system with integrated vacuum-ejector, ready for connection. Suction plate in two versions: SVK-W and SW

The standardised complete system for handling of varying goods with varying materials and surfaces, ready for installation on an industrial robot.

Large-area vacuum gripper system FM/FMC(265 Kb) (pdf)

Large-area vacuum gripper system without vacuum generator. Suction plate in two versions: SVK-W and SW

Handling of various materials such as wood, cardboard and sheet metal (dry) with a single gripper system, for operation with a remote vacuum generator (such as a side-channel blower).

Layer Grippers

Large-area vacuum gripper system SBX(98 Kb) (pdf)

Lifting capacity up to 930 kg; minimum workpiece width 55 mm with single gripper, 30 mm with a double gripper

Vacuum beam for handling (normally in complete layers) of sawn wood, steel sections, building timber, etc.

Large-area vacuum gripper system SPZ(138 Kb) (pdf)

Rational palletizing and depalletizing of complete product layers with minimum cycle times

Suction surface made of special flexible foam or, alternatively, individual suction pads, for use in modern distribution centres and in packing stations in production facilities

Custom-made Complete Systems

Vacuum spiders SSP(149 Kb) (pdf)

Tailor-made complete vacuum gripper systems for individual applications, utilising modular components

Modular systems permit the optimum selection of suction pads and vacuum generators, together with spring plungers, holders and support arms, and the necessary valve technology with sensors.

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