VacuMaster Vacuum Sheet Lifters

By Schmalz Australia

Schmalz is an innovative manufacturer of top class vacuum lifting devices. With its excellent product quality, VacuMaster is one of the leading product lines world-wide.
Five lifting-capacity classes allow you to optimally suit the VacuMaster to your specific handling requirements. The applications of the VacuMaster lifting devices for airtight surfaces is almost unlimited.

Often loads have to be moved not only horizontally but also to be rotated by 90°. The VacuMaster 90° product line offers three different lifting classes. Electric motors with stepless variable speed control and electro-mechanical linear cylinders are used as rotation devices.
As well as offering the functionality of the 90° rotating device, these models can also be used to turn over products by 180°. The VacuMaster 180° offers two lifting capacity classes.

Can be utilised for lifting...

·     Metal

·     Wood

·     Plastic

·     Stone

·     Glass

·     Paper

·     Chemistry

·     Food

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