VacuMaster Light Vacuum Lifter

By Schmalz Australia

Millsom Materials Handling & Hoists - The VacuMaster Light ergonomic handling system from Schmalz, represented by Millsom Materials Handling, is capable of effortlessly handling loads weighing up to 100kg.
The vacuum lifting device with its quickly adjustable vacuum grippers does the job easily and safely.

Advantages include:

* Flexible and quick adjustment of the vacuum grippers for simple handling of differing workpieces.

* Very simple installation - suspend it from a crane, connect compressed air and it’s ready to use.

* The integrated vacuum line ensures there are no hoses to get in the way.

* The compact design ensures that even small workpieces can be stacked easily.

* Maximum safety during handling thanks to the intelligent warning device.

* Low intrinsic weight for easy and ergonomic handling.

* Pays for itself in short time due to the low investment costs.

Applications include handling a wide range of airtight or slightly porous workpieces such as barrels, furniture components, profile sections, etc., as well as for loading machine tools, assembly, and packaging.

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