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Thu Jan 17 2019

VacuMaster Light Compact Lifting Device

By Millsom Materials Handling

The VacuMaster Light makes work much easier in applications where large numbers of light workpieces need to be handled.

It can be used to grip and transport a wide range of different objects without damaging them.

The VacuMaster Light (for objects weighing up to 100 kg) guarantees easy and ergonomic handling, even though the device itself weighs no more than 15 kg.

Features Include:

  • ·  Flexible and quick adjustment of the suction pads for simple handling of different work pieces.
  • ·  Simple installation: just suspend from an existing crane and supply compressed air.
  • ·  The compact design ensures that even small products can be stacked together.
  • ·  Maximum safety whilst lifting due to intelligent warning device.
  • ·  Low self weight (15kg) for easy handling.
  • ·  Ergonomic control handle provides user with clear vision of workpiece.
  • ·  Low investment cost.

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