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Mon May 20 2019

VacuBoy Horizontal

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • VacuBoy Horizontal

VacuBoy easily & safely handles aluminium & steel plates, scaled & corroded steel sheets, chequer plate, glass & window panes, stone slabs, laminated boards, sandwich panels & much more, without damage.

One operator can control this lifter via the ergonomic two-grip handle & hand slide or electric solenoid release valve.

The lifter is painted safety yellow & is intrinsically safe with an integrated safety vacuum accumulation tank & acoustic warning system. The adjustable & articulated suction plates can be turned off individually for even more flexibility of the system.

The oil less vacuum pump affords quiet & maintenance free operation. High safety standard according to AS4991--2004 section 5.

The standard main beam lengths are; 1800mm up to 250kg, 2400mm from 375 to 1000kg & 3000 from 1250 to 2000kg.

Options are an optical warning system, higher pump efficiency, holder for pendants, variable & longer length main and cross beams, integrated crane controls, automatic suction and release controls & water separator for moist or wet work pieces.

There are special VacuPoro lifters to handle porous & semi porous items such as MDF boards blocks & panels.