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Thu Jun 20 2019

The Vacuum Clamping System VCBL-B for your CNC

By Millsom Hoists

The vacuum clamping system VCBL-B can be mounted in the suction-pad mountings of CNC machines made by an Italian manufacturer

-Enormous holding forces
-Dimensional accuracy
-Fast and easy positioning (Rotateable in the grid of the suction-pad mountings in steps of 15°)
-Different sizes and types available
-Vacuum blocks for narrow and curved workpieces
-With integrated sensing valve
-Same overall height of vacuum blocks and Adapter-Plates
-Replaceable upper suction plates

Your advantages
-Maximum absorption of shear forces.
-Enables highest accuracy in the production process.
-Reduction of set-up times.
-Optimised adaptability to workpieces, so that maximum flexibility in application is provided.
-No templates are needed.
-Unused vacuum blocks can be left in the mounted position.
-Mixed operation possible.
-Fast and very cost-effective replacement of suction plates

-The vacuum clamping system VC-B can be mounted in the suction-pad mountings of CNC machines made by an Italian manufacturer.
-The suction blocks with a height h = 29/48/74 ± 0.1 mm (depends on type) are pre-fixed in order to prevent them from moving during handling of the workpiece.
-The workpiece and the suction blocks are clamped securely and precisely by the vacuum.

-Base plate is adapted to the grid of the existing suction-pad mountings of an Italian manufacturer.
-Body made of plastic.
-Replaceable upper suction plates.
-Vacuum blocks with integrated sensing valve.

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