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Wed Jun 26 2019

Suction Pads for the Packaging Industry

By Millsom Hoists

Vacuum specialist Schmalz have developed the next generation of suction pads designed specifically for the packaging and carton handling industries.

A vacuum automation system is an ideal method to handle cardboard effectively and cost efficiently, however, cardboard can present some challenges to the handling system. Not only is cardboard typically porous, it can also be extremely abrasive and in many cases the product to handle is not rigid.

Experience has shown that packaging suction pads must be sturdy and durable, but also flexible. The new range of cups, made from a recently developed material ELASTODUR, have many features that make them ideal for the high demands of many packaging applications.

The suction cups have the following features:


Made from the newly developed material Elastodur, which lasts around 3 times as long as the commonly used material Perbunan/NBR.
(3) different styles to choose from: flat (SPF), bellow (SPB1), and oval (SPOB1)
Available in sizes 20mm to 60mm in the round style, and 60x20mm to 150x60mm in the oval style
A soft and flexible sealing lip optimises contact with the workpieces and can compensate for carton distortion (useful for heavy boxes and for carton erectors that need to distort the card when removing from the cassette)
On the bellow cups, an innovative interlocking contour between the lip and the body of the cups provides stability during movement. An Internal rib provides extra contact to the product, providing further lateral stability
Can be fitted with male or female connections
Optional integrated filtration mesh

Applications Include:

Gripping and handling of rigid or packaged products
Automated handling in cardboard box and tray aligners
Packing and handling cardboard boxes in top-loading machines
Palletising / depalletising in handling systems
Handling large, heavy-laden cardboard boxes in automated packaging processesUsing these suction cups in conjunction with other vacuum components from Schmalz, ie vacuum generators, valves and sensors, a complete vacuum automation handling solution can be implemented.

Schmalz is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Millsom Materials Handling. To receive further information on this and other products, please contact us Australia-wide on 1800 99 22 11.