Schmalz Pump SBP – Cost Effective Vacuum Generation

By Schmalz Australia

Millsom Materials Handling - Today’s automated handling tasks are continually demanding higher cycle times to increase productivity, meaning lighter and more compact machine components are needed to meet these demands.
Simple Design
The Schmalz vacuum pump "SBP" uses compressed air and the very simple "venturi" principal to create a vacuum. This basic design principal, in conjunction with a silencer that is open ended, means maintenance-free vacuum generation can be achieved for a very low cost.

Light Weight
The completely new Schmalz Base Pump is a light-weight, but powerful & efficient method of creating vacuum for all types of automated materials handling applications. Made from impact resistant plastic, the largest capacity version weighs only 50 grams, making the SBP ideal for decentralised vacuum generation in highly dynamic processes.

Easy to Install
Fitting the SBP into a vacuum generation system couldn't be easier. The push-in connectors moulded into the body of the ejector means no additional fittings are required, and the sizing is appropriate for the size of the pump - no need to worry about what size hose to use with which ejector, the decision has been made for you!

• Maximum vacuum level up to 85% (-85kPa)
• Maximum suction capacity between 7 litres/min to 207 litres/min.
• Weight between 7.5g and 50g.

Options of Schmalz Pump SBP – Cost Effective Vacuum Generation:
• (6) different nozzle sizes from 0.5mm to 2.5mm diameter
• Easy mounting of multiple ejectors on a common terminal strip.
• Push-in fittings or threaded connections in BSP parallel sizes

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