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Sat Mar 23 2019

SBX Large Area Vacuum Gripper

By Millsom Hoists

The SBX vacuum gripper system is an extra strong handling device that is an ideal solution for difficult surfaces, such as rough or badly warped wooden boards, which in the past had to be handled manually.

Millsom Vacuum Handling has released the ideal solution for the automated handling of sawn timber.  The lightweight and compact design of the SBX Vacuum Gripper allows for easy mounting onto industrial robots.  It provides a high degree of flexibility thanks to its modular design and function, which can be easily integrated into many production processes, providing greater process flexibility and productivity.

Applications of SBX Large Area Vacuum Gripper:

Applications within the timber and woodworking industries include:

  • Commissioning, sorting, moving, stacking of boards, strips, planks, glued beams, etc.
  • Handling of building timber and sawn wood
  • Handling of complete layers or single pieces of wood or other materials
  • Lifting of warped boards with rough-sawn surfaces
  • Handling of long and heavy objects
  • Timber Pallet Manufacture
  • Fencing Timber Handling

Features of SBX Large Area Vacuum Gripper:

  • Extra strong holding forces. Models available with lifting capacities over 900kg.
  • Very short cycle times due to the integration of the vacuum generator in to the vacuum chamber
  • Very low intrinsic weight due to aluminium body
  • Complete system, delivered ready for connection
  • Very simple installation
  • Neat and compact design
  • Dirt-Protected check valves permit safe handling, even when only part of the gripper is in contact with the workpiece.
  • Various lengths of the SBX to meet varying requirements
  • Depending on the applications, various vacuum generators (ejector, vacuum pump, vacuum blower) are available

For further information about the SBX Large Area Vacuum Gripper use the contact options below.