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Large-area Vacuum Gripper Handles Packages & More...

By Millsom Hoists

Our modular large-area vacuum gripping system for individual handling solutions for efficient, safe palletising, depalletising, sorting & picking.

Schmalz (Represented in Australia and New Zealand by Millsom Materials Handling) has a first class efficiency tool for users in the packaging industry: the large-area vacuum gripper FXC/FMC-SG. Highly customised, application-specific large-area vacuum gripping systems can be created thanks the modular design with standardised components: main body, valve and replaceable suction pads.

The user has two choices for the main body:

FXC (with integrated vacuum generation) or FMC (with a connection for external vacuum generation). In both versions, the main body consists of extruded aluminium sections that are variable in both width and length with a vacuum display embedded in the end covers and connections for the functions “sensor” and “blow off.”

For the valve module, the user can choose between SVWK or SW: SVWK has valve bodies that close automatically when not in use and is predominantly used with extremely porous work pieces. SW with flow resistors, on the other hand, is better suited for suction-tight work pieces.

The user also has a choice of suction pads: Whether you need optimised shapes for high suction power, additional foam sealing rings for work pieces with rough surfaces or embedded flow resistance – all standard suction pads have soft and supple sealing lips that quickly fit to uneven packaged goods or packaging, ensuring high holding power and precise positioning of the work piece.

In addition, the excellent sealing performance of the suction pads reduces the amount of energy required for vacuum generation. In the end, whether you choose quick-change, plug-in suction grippers with no screw fittings, or if you decide on suction pads that attach via screws, you can be sure that installing and replacing the suction pads is a quick procedure that will have the machine operating again in no time at all.

The Schmalz vacuum gripping systems FXC/FMC-SG are universally suitable for handling stable and unstable packages, cardboard boxes, intermediate layers, packages covered in film, outer packaging, trays, and other such items. The gripping systems can operate with full or partial coverage, meaning everything from individual cardboard boxes to several packages or containers at a time can be gripped and transported.

Multiple FXC/FMC-SG large-area vacuum grippers can be put together to create a large format vacuum gripping system, allowing the system to be matched perfectly to the goods to be handled in relation to the size and weight of the packaged goods or the surface, stability, and consistency of the packaging.

Image 1: FXC-SG large-area vacuum gripping system plug-in suction pads
Image 2: Modular design for user-specific handling solutions

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