JumboErgo Vacuum Tube Lifter

By Schmalz Australia

Millsom Materials Handling & Hoists - The Schmalz Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifting system is the intelligent answer to your handling problems. Its secret: only one medium is responsible for holding the load and lifting it... VACUUM!
The control handle has no mechanical linkages or cables connecting it to the main body of the lifter. The handle simply adjusts the amount of atmospheric air that is allowed to bleed into the main body of the tube lifter.

It is this bleeding effect that controls the raising and lowering of the load that is being held by the suction pads.

When a load is hovering mid-air, the whole system is in a state of equilibrium - letting in just the right amount of air to maintain the correct vacuum level to lift and hold the load.

Applications of JumboErgo Vacuum Tube Lifter:

Lifting large form sheets of material
Stacking multiple layers of boxes onto tall pallets
Lifting product above head level
Control Unit:

Unique to the JumboErgo, the innovative design of the Control Handle makes it simple to modify to allow the fitting of an extension tube and/or a pivot unit.

By simply unbolting the handle from the main body of the Control Unit, an extension piece is easily inserted.

Features of Control Unit:

Simple yet innovative design results in minimal moving parts
Adjustable no-load hover level via easily accessed set-screw
Easily removable and subsequent cleaning of air inlet filter
Same control handle used for entire JumboErgo range
The Modular System:

The Jumbo Modular System consists of (7) basic components which are combined to make a tailor-made solution for almost any application:

Vacuum Generator
Suction Hose
Lifting Unit
Control Unit
Vacuum Head
Crane System
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