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Sat Mar 23 2019

Explosion Proof Vacuum Lifter

By Millsom Hoists

Vacuum Tube Lifters for Explosion Protection Areas

Handling hazardous goods in the process industry very literally requires a sure hand. For the handling of goods such as sacks, barrels or cardboard boxes in explosion protection areas, the vacuum specialist Schmalz has developed specially equipped vacuum tube lifters.

Whether the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, or paint and coatings industries or the field of biotechnology – a number of industries have strict regulations regarding what kinds of equipment can be used. The reason for this is the danger of explosion, which is caused by dangerous materials used in the manufacturing process. At the same time, these industries also require efficient manufacturing technologies. The vacuum specialist J. Schmalz GmbH provides tools for the internal transport of workpieces for companies within these industries. The German machine manufacturing company offers a special line of vacuum tube lifters that are designed for environments where there is a risk of explosion. With the JumboHandy Ex, lightweight goods weighing up to 30 kg can be moved precisely and quickly with just one hand. With the rotating bow-shaped handle on the JumboSprint Ex, the user can securely hold and transport loads of up to 250 kg with both hands. The tube lifter was designed in close cooperation with experts for explosion protection from DEKRA EXAM GmbH.

Certified safety in accordance with ATEX

The vacuum tube lifter JumboSprint Ex has been tested and certified in accordance with the ATEX directive 94/9/EC. ATEX is the standard for explosion protection in Europe. Certified products can be used without restrictions within the EU and do not require country-specific certifications.

The intensive certification process includes an ignition risk analysis, among other measures. An explosion occurs when combustible substances such as gases, mists, vapors or dusts are present in the air and come into contact with an ignition source. In areas where there is a risk of explosion, potential ignition sources such as mechanical friction, hot surfaces, static charge or electrical components must therefore be avoided. For this reason, the tube lifters for explosion protection zones have several special features that set them apart from standard devices.

Mechanical components such as the operator handle and the suction pads are made using stainless steel. Conductive elements are electrostatically connected to one another and grounded. The lifting tube, which raises and lowers the load using contraction or expansion, is made of a special antistatic material. Either a pneumatically driven multi-stage ejector (for loads of up to 85 kg) or an electric vacuum blower (for loads of up to 250 kg) can be used for vacuum generation.

The modular design of the vacuum tube lifters means that they can be configured individually according to the needs of the customer. Four different suction pads are available depending on the application. These allow the tube lifter to be customized to lift various workpieces such as sacks, containers, barrels, cans, cardboard boxes or buckets. A quick-change system for the gripper is available for the vacuum tube lifter JumboSprint Ex. The matching crane from the Schmalz catalog completes the handling solution. The manufacturer offers different versions for column, wall or ceiling mounting.

The use of vacuum tube lifters in explosion protection areas ensures extremely easy and reliable handling of goods in potential risk zones. On the one hand, the handling speed is significantly increased, while on the other hand, the ergonomic operation of the device minimizes illness-related absences and increases employee motivation. Both of these aspects lead to a marked increase in productivity.

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