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Mon Jun 24 2019

Damage Free Coil Handling with the VacuMaster Coil

By Millsom Hoists

The VacuMaster Coil lifting device is used for handling coils and split-strip rings. It is particularly appropriate for horizontal loading of workpieces from the pallet and subsequent vertical insertion in a decoiler mandrel.

The VacuMaster Coil lifting device ensures damage-free gripping without mechanical clamps. Thus the lifting device is particularly convenient for sensitive workpieces, such as thin and extra-thin metal sheets, as well as metal foils, steel, tin plates and aluminium. Coils with different diameters are loaded with annular suction chambers which can be independently activated and deactivated. The use of electromechanical linear operation permits precise and continuous swivelling. 

The VacuMaster Coil lifting device is appropriate for a burden of 500 to 1,000 kg.

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