Sheet Lifter Vacumaster Basic

By Schmalz Australia

Vacuum Sheet Lifter VacuMaster Basic

The VacuMaster vacuum sheet lifting devices are the ideal solution for lifting and moving materials such as metal sheets & steel plate, glass panes, timber sheet and concrete sheets with a weight of up to 2,000 kg. The holding process is implemented by vacuum. Secure and safe lifting of the load is achieved by an electric chain hoist.

As a result of its robust design, the VacuMaster sheet lifter has a long lifetime. Due to the clever and modular design, it is easily adapted to suit many applications.

During the movement of heavy loads, safety is of the highest priority. All VacuMaster types feature a large vacuum reservoir and easy-to-read gauge. The audible warning signal or a decrease in the vacuum works even during a power failure and thus guarantees maximum safety. Operator errors are prevented by a unique hand-gear valve.

Due to its low weight and good accessibility of control elements, even heavy loads can be handled with ease.

Lifting capacities up to 2000kg

Modular design for more versatility
Choice of either: 415V, 240V, pneumatic or self-powered vacuum generation.
Audible Low vacuum alarm, safety gauges, vacuum reservoir, non return valves for increased safety.
Designed and manufactured in accordance with AS4991-2004 – Lifting devices
Applications of "Vacumaster- Basic" Vacuum Sheet Lifters:
Used in a wide variety of applications including lifting and the loading of product onto CNC machines, metal-cutting machines, metal process/forming machines and power saws. VacuMaster Sheet lifters can be used with a variety of different products including sheet metal or metal plate, aluminium and stainless steel sheets, natural or processed stone, sheets of glass and laminated boards of MDF or chip board, doors, window frames, etc.

For loads with airtight surfaces, there are virtually no limits to the possible applications.
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