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Tue Jan 22 2019

'VacuEasyLift' the original of its kind!

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

VacuEasyLift is the original vacuum lifter developed in Sweden for the reduction/elimination of injuries associated with manual handling. The device is designed as a user friendly system to suit a wide range of operations where repeated lifting is required. Training is quick and easy and allows the operator to master smooth and swift movements to rotate, lift, lower, tilt and release loads safely. The product is designed to be safe for both the operator and the products lifted.

Controlling the device requires minimum effort as a simple combination handle is all that is used to control the movement of the suction head. It is easily adjusted to suit the ideal working height of each individual operator.

A range of standard and custom suction feet allows the system to lift a wide range of loads like boxes, cases, cartons, bags, sacks (papers, hessian and plastic polywoven); sheet materials like doors, plastic sheet, steel, lengths of timber, glass, pails, drums, rolls and a host of other items.

Manufactured by the leading Vacuum Lifting equipment company, TAWI has more than 40,000 units in use today.