Tube Bending & Bar Bending

By Swift Metal Services

The fact Swift Metal Services continue to expand in a gruelling manufacturing environment in Australia, is a testament to their highly skilled staff, management and constant investment in state-of-the-art production facilities.

Swift have pioneered some unique bending and forming processes for both solid bar and tubes, up to 100mm diameter. These innovations combined with cutting edge machinery ensure that Swift metal Services can bend, form and profile tubes of varying wall thicknesses and diameters.

Long radius tube bends through to tight radius configurations are processed efficiently and cost effectively in the modern production facility.

Quality workmanship starts with quality materials and to meet customer’s requirements, Swift has forged long-term relationships with some of the leading suppliers of tube and bar in the industry, to provide customers with high quality materials. Swift have a wide range of tube and bar in various materials ex-stock, to minimise lead-times and ensure competitive pricing.

Swift Metal Services tube bending capabilities add to their capacity to provide customers a single point of contact for a range of contract manufacturing processes including;

  • Tubular component sourcing

  • Complete tubular assembling

  • Prototyping and Machining

  • Customized Tool and Jig making

  • Production Cutting

  • Production Welding in MIG and TIG

  • Cutting, Pressing, Trimming and Notching of tubes

  • Deburring and Vibro Finishing.

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