Safetech Safebin Ergonomic Trolley

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Safebin Ergonomic Trolley

Safebin is a six wheel, ergonomic trolley designed to reduce injury in the workplace where loading and unloading from trolleys present a problem.

The Safebin is similar to it's big brother, the Palift and the springs automatically raise or lower the goods toward the operator, eliminating the need to bend and reach to the trolley surface.

The interchangeable springs are ordered separately & are available in 50kg
increments from 50-500kg. The table size is 950 x 600mm & the deck can compress to 290mm & lift to 800mm.

Refer to Code MSA01: Safebin without springs
Refer to Code MSA***KG: for Safebin springs (**insert capacity in kg)

THE SAFEBIN HAS YOU "Working with Ease"