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Ride On Pallet Trucks - B60–80Z Series

By Adaptalift Group

The B60-80ZAC Series ride on pallet truck helps you work smarter with exceptional maneuverability and features that let you move more loads with less effort. A versatile truck designed for indoor use, this truck is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as grocery stores, department stores, fresh fruits & vegetables, general warehousing & storage, bottled & canned soft drinks.


  • Optional fork lengths as well as application/environmental packages designed to accommodate a mutltitude of applications.
  • AC traction controller provides improved torque, increased travel speeds and allows smoother acceleration and directional changes.
  • Power Assist Steer option helps operators move heavy loads through tight turns and crowded loading areas with ease.
  • Auto Deceleration System (ADS) utilizes regenerative braking, which significantly reduces brake wear, extending brake component life and reducing downtime.
  • CANbus communication system significantly reduces the number of wires required in the electrical system, and links the control handle, display, controller and Power Assist Steer (option) together enhancing overall truck reliability.
  • Unique control handle design features left hand and right hand controls which allow fingertip control of lift/lower, travel and the horn functions with either hand. Multiple fork lengths allow operators to move more product at once.
  • Operator selectable, programmable performance modes enable the truck to be tailored to the application or operator skill level.
  • The B80ZAC is ETACC compatible and features on-board software interfacing, eliminating specialty tools and handsets.
  • All components requiring regular maintenance are designed for easy access and simplified servicing, getting your operators back to work quicker than ever.

Ride On Pallet Trucks - B60–80Z Series