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Power Trolley

By R.J Cox Engineering
  • Power Trolley

The POWER TROLLEY is a battery powered mobile work unit for handling loads up to 500kg in weight.

It is designed to eliminate operator effort when transporting heavy objects.

It is especially useful in eliminating back strain due to carrying heavy items, or pushing heavy trolleys.

Customised tops are available to specifically suit your load.

The latest model of POWER TROLLEY includes the latest developments in Australian made D.C. geared motors with automatic electromagnetic park braking, as well as a high capacity programmable controller.

Features of the vehicle include:

  • Quiet smooth operation
  • Ease of handling
  • No licence required
  • High manoeuvrability
  • Low maintenance
  • Ability to handle 500kgs loads

All POWER TROLLEYS are Australian made to provide the highest quality and suitability for your application. Full product training and service contracts are available.