Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - Safebin Trolley

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - Safebin Trolley

A simple effective solution to reaching and lifting for trolley loading and unloading.

Safebin is an ergonomic trolley designed to reduce injury in the workplace where loading and unloading from trolleys present a problem. The Safebin is similar to it's big brother, the Palift and automatically raises or lowers the goods toward the operator, eliminating the need to bend and reach to the trolley surface.

How does Safebin work?

Safebin is very simple and uses a robust spring and scissor mechanism on a castored trolley. As the weight reduces the load rises or, in reverse, as the weight increases the load is lowered. Safebin is durable and built to last. Click here for larger image.


Commonly used in factories, warehouses or offices where loading or unloading onto trolleys present a problem.


  • Durable, attractive powder coating finish
  • Supplied with six wheels for maximum maneuverability and stability.
  • Centre wheels can be height adjusted for ease of turning on solid or carpeted floors.
  • All pins and fasteners are Zinc Plated.
  • Interchangeable springs

Other special purpose options:

  • Are available with standard duty or heavy duty centre wheels.
  • Can be supplied without wheels, for use as a stationary leveller.
  • Can be supplied with sides
  • Optional Chrome plated handle.
  • Are available in Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated.