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Sat Jun 15 2019

Electrodrive Tuglet

By R.J Cox Engineering
  • Electrodrive Tuglet

Move your existing manual Laundry or Food Handling Trolleys with the unique battery powered 500kg Capacity Electrodrive Tuglet.

  • Electrodrive Tuglet is Compact, detachable, towing unit
  • Electrodrive Tuglet Moves heavy trolleys safely
  • Electrodrive Tuglet is Pedestrian operated
  • Electrodrive Tuglet Suits heavy industrial and clean indoor environments
  • Electrodrive Tuglet Minimises back and shoulder injury risk
  • Electrodrive Tuglet Automatically parks on ramps
  • Electrodrive Tuglet is Simple to operate in forward or reverse direction
  • Electrodrive Tuglet Strong, all steel construction
  • Electrodrive Tuglet Serves a fleet of trolleys
  • Electrodrive Tuglet has Special attachments available
  • Operator has 100% forward vision
  • Electrodrive Tuglet has Comfortable hand controls
  • One Person Operation
  • The Tuglet simply hooks on to the vertical rails of your existing trolley, converting your heavy trolley into an easy to move motorised assembly. It attaches easily to food or laundry trolleys.
  • The Electrodrive Tuglet allows one staff member to effortlessly move heavy trolleys through wards, long corridors, up and down ramps, over carpets, into lifts and around tight corners.
  • Horn (Extra on tiller control units, standard on twist grip)
  • TUG/Tuglet Polyurethane Filled Tyres  for TUGLET  
  • Polyurethane Filled Tyres for Classic TUG 
  • Polyurethane Filled Tyres for H/Duty models -Turf Tread
  • Polyurethane Filled Tyres for H/Duty models -Turf Tread